Rosanne Romero

Author. Speaker. Wife. Mother. Lola. In no particular order.


Rosanne Romero is the bestselling author of Amusing Grace, a collection of articles from her well-loved column in Kerygma Magazine, Kitchen Scribbles. In 2015, she launched Amusing Grace, A Second Helping which was nominated for Best Inspirational Book for the Cardinal Sin Book Awards in the same year.

A very active teenager who was into horseback riding and ballet, Rosanne started experiencing strange symptoms in her university days which no doctor then could diagnose.

It was only years later, in 1986 following the birth of her second child that her mysterious symptoms were given a diagnosis-- Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating degenerative disease of the brain and spinal column.

Currently living in Manila, she and her family spent a good chunk of their lives as missionaries in Jakarta, Indonesia from 1995-1998.

She is a sought-after speaker on the subject of Adversity, speaking from her own experiences of God not only in spite of, but mostly because of her illness. One of her most memorable speaking engagements was in 2017 when she was flown in to New Zealand for the Auckland Eucharistic Convention) where fire alarms went off just as she took she stage! Thankfully, it was a false alarm, and the rest of the convention was uneventful (in the best sense of the word.)

She is a wife to Omy Romero, PhD, a management consultant, mother to two batty daughters, Rinka and Becca. The most recent addition to the hats she wears is "Lola" (grandma) and she wears it proudly. She enjoys babysitting and spoiling her grandkids, Malaya, 6, and Zahari, 11 months as of this writing.

"I pray for eyes like Rosanne to see meaning in the mundane, and ears like hers to hear the message in the unspoken"
--Luchi Cruz-Valdes

"Written in a very conversational, down-to-earth manner, "Amusing Grace: A Second Helping" will make you feel like you're chatting with the author herself over a cup of coffee, inspirational sense of humor included. Perhaps this unusual manner of sharing profound life lessons—conversationally, with a sense of humor—is the most effective tool that He can use to talk to us. This book does seem to prove that God has a sense of humor."
--GMA News

"It's written so very simply, and yet it has the power to stir up strong emotions. I guarantee you will enjoy this book. It is a light read, but it is full of inspiring messages that can make us rethink that inspite of all our problems, we still have so much more to be thankful for."
-The Phenomenal Mama


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